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We create solutions to improve access to behavioral healthcare. Our first solution is a novel virtual group therapy platform that finally makes groups feel safe, confidential, and importantly, personalized. Our mission is to tackle the biggest barriers to care: cost, stigma, and local mental healthcare professional shortages. We believe everyone who needs it should be able access high quality, evidence-based care.
The US is one of the most dangerous developed countries in which to give birth and these poor maternal-fetal outcomes disproportionately impact minority women and underserved populations across major US cities. Our team is focused on closing this gap through a combination of clinical and non-clinical services delivered in-home or in-office. Cayaba's care model focuses on integration not replacement of patients’ primary Obstetric provider and reducing any barriers to the patient receiving the recommended care.
Helping healthcare providers caring for underserved communities attain financial stability through value-based care enablement.
At Functional Fluidics, our solution is a testing platform that can assess the health of red blood cells (RBCs). RBCs deliver oxygen to every organ in the body, and this can only happen if RBCs are healthy. Healthy RBCs survive 90 days in the circulation and do not adhere or “stick” to the blood vessel or other cells in the circulation. We determine the health of a RBC using 2 proprietary tests. Our mechanical fragility tests measures the ability of RBCs to survive physiologic stress and generates a mechanical fragility index (MFI). Our adhesion test measures the stickiness of RBCs within a whole blood sample under physiologic flow conditions and generates an adhesion index. The higher these indices, the unhealthier the RBC, the sicker the patient.
Goalsetter is a goal-based savings and gifting platform, made just for kids and powered by those who love them. Goalsetter combines the best of goal-based savings platforms like Digit and Acorns with the best of gift-registries like Zola and Honeyfund, and in so doing, targets the millennial mom with a platform that enables families to contribute to kids’ future goals instead of buying them more consumer goods. In turn, Goalsetter becomes the first savings vehicle for kids, turning first-time savers into all-the-time savers and giving kids healthy financial habits that will last a lifetime.
Health In Her HUE is a digital platform that connects Black women to the health care providers, services and resources that are committed to their health & well-being.
Iterative Scopes is fast becoming the leader in computational gastroenterology by pioneering the application of powerful, proprietary artificial intelligence tools to the practice of gastroenterology and drug development. Using multi-modal datasets obtained through exclusive partnerships and research collaborations, the company is aggregating the leading training data repository, forming the foundation of its software algorithms. This software fits seamlessly into existing clinical workflows to support physician decision making and clinical trial acceleration. Iterative Scopes is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts and was spun out of MIT in 2017.
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KIYATEC is a life sciences company enabling better in vitro models of complex human biology through perfused 3D cell‐based assays and enabling products. Its 3DKUBE technology platform conveniently and cost-effectively incorporates perfusion flow, accommodates all scaffold materials, allows in situ imaging, models complex human biology using segregated cell co‐culture, and is a single-use disposable. 3DKUBE cell‐based assays leverage these features to create better in vitro prediction of complex biochemical responses in humans, with a focus on the evaluation of drug toxicity and efficacy prior to use in human clinical trials.
MD Ally
MD Ally
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Developer of a telehealth and hospital emergency room care platform intended to enhance emergency medical care delivery and reduce emergency room overcrowding. The company's platform offers non-emergency 911 telemedicine software that allows EMS to triage these patients to virtual care instead of dispatching costly, emergency services.
We provide intuitive, turnkey, home-based post-acute care management solutions for cardiopulmonary disease that improves patient outcomes, reduces readmissions and empowers the effective and efficient delivery of quality care to patients based on 30+ years of research in remote disease management from Stanford University.
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MyMeds connects patients, caregivers, providers, and payors using real-time data integrations to create interactions when they matter most. We combine an innovative digital + human approach with the basic tenets of cognitive psychology to improve peoples'​ medication taking behaviors. On the clinical side, we focus on keeping our patients'​ healthcare teams (doctors, pharmacists, caregivers) in sync via our clinical population health tool. Are you the benefits manager of a self-insured employer who is looking to keep your employees healthy while reducing the skyrocketing costs associated with medication non-adherence? We'd love to chat about how we can help!
Needed is on a mission to empower every woman with the fundamental nutrition information, products, and community they need to be optimally nourished before, during, and after pregnancy. Our products are currently sold direct to consumer and through a network of health practitioners (doctors, doulas, nutritionists, and more). Most prenatal vitamins just aren't cutting it-they are made to meet bare minimum needs, not to optimally nourish a woman and her baby. 97% of women take a prenatal during pregnancy, and yet 95% of mamas-to-be have nutrient deficiencies. We started Needed to change this through products that truly work, and that address underserved areas of women's health including postpartum depression. Needed was founded by Julie Sawaya and Ryan Woodbury, two Stanford MBAs, lifelong nutrition nerds, and mamas-to-be.