Functional Fluidics
Functional Fluidics

At Functional Fluidics, our solution is a testing platform that can assess the health of red blood cells (RBCs). RBCs deliver oxygen to every organ in the body, and this can only happen if RBCs are healthy. Healthy RBCs survive 90 days in the circulation and do not adhere or “stick” to the blood vessel or other cells in the circulation. We determine the health of a RBC using 2 proprietary tests. Our mechanical fragility tests measures the ability of RBCs to survive physiologic stress and generates a mechanical fragility index (MFI). Our adhesion test measures the stickiness of RBCs within a whole blood sample under physiologic flow conditions and generates an adhesion index. The higher these indices, the unhealthier the RBC, the sicker the patient.
Detroit, MI, USA
Founded in 2013
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